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PC & Tech | December 3, 2013

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Watch Television Serials On YouTube - PC & Tech

TV Serials On YouTube India

TV Serials On YouTube India

In my last post, The Most Awaited iPad3 Out, I told you about the iPad3 which brought a great response from the people on hitting the stores. A staggering three million iPad’s have already been sold off and the company is placing demands for more and more pieces. Now, in this article I am going to tell you about how to view the soap operas or saas-bahu serials on YouTube.

The television serials mainly the soap operas better known as the “saas-bahu” serials in India are of great fascination to all the people especially the women. In a country like India where majority of the women are usually a bit hesitated to go out and cannot enjoy out much. They have adopted watching television as their favourite pass-time. So, here I have got an article right for them.

Ekta made a huge investment in these soap operas or the saas-bahu serials years back and it can clearly be seen how that investment has made her way to the riches. So, the world’s most famous video-sharing website, has worked out in a similar way. But, what is the new thing in this. All these soap operas had always been on YouTube.

What’s The Change?

YouTube India has now added a new section dedicated for this purpose. So, now you can easily access all of the available shows. All the shows are divided into separate sections so that all types of the shows can easily be viewed. Moreover the clubbed versions of all the serials can be seen instead of in parts as it used to be earlier. Now, ad-free television watching can be done easily by all.

Some Categories Of TV Shows On YouTube
Some Categories Of TV Shows On YouTube

Moreover, all these serials are also available as channels now which can be subscribed easily. And, one more important news is that not only these soap operas, but also entertainment shows, reality and game shows, classics and and many more shows are available now. So, now all of you can now have a good time viewing the shows on your computers and laptops.
All the videos in the TV shows section are themselves put up by the television channels themselves like the Sony Entertainment TV(SET), Star Plus TV, and Viacom 19 owned Colors and MTV. So, visit YouTube now and check out all your shows including the soap operas or  saas-bahu serials.

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