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PC & Tech | April 21, 2014

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Top 5 VPN Services in USA - PC & Tech

  • On March 3, 2013
Top VPN Providers in USA

Top VPN Providers in USA

Listing the top service providers in the United States has been on the VPN to-do list for too long. It is about time it was crossed out of the list. However, before unleashing this long awaited list a few more minutes of suspense will cost nothing much. In these minutes, learn what you need to look for as you search for a VPN service provider. When seeking search services what matters is not the package presented but what benefits do you want to enjoy. It is meaningless to get a great package but with nothing for you in it.

6 things look for in a VPN service provider

Internet speed offered

When using a VPN connection, it acts as gateway for you to get into and receive from the Internet. Generally, your speed is lowered, as you have to connect to this gate first before accessing the rest of the Internet. This double connection does lower speed but it is not as significant. Nevertheless, you need to know what Internet speed your provider promises you will enjoy. You do not need to get less speed than what you are used to simply because you took the VPN path. Any speed above 2Mbps passes the speed test.

Range of countries covered

A good provider has a number of servers in more than one country. Generally speaking, the more the servers, the more the countries it covers, then the better the service. This means that you can safely access the Internet without geographical restrictions. However, the quantity should not be the only factor you check. Check also which countries they have scope in to ensure that your countries of choice are covered and that you will not get censure problems from certain restricting countries.

The Installation cost

As with all purchases, measure the monthly premium against the services they offer. The cheapest necessarily is not the worst nor is the costliest the best; it about finding the price versus quality balance.

Ease of installation

Depending on the type of connection or coding the programmers of the service provider use, you will find it easy or hard to install your new Internet connection. This factor is not easy to find out from the service provider hence solicit this information from other users. Ask yourself whether you can deal with the technicalities of installation and if they are worth it. If you require VPN for basic purposes go for the easy to install type.

Level of encryption offered

Differing providers offer different protection for you. Some will only mask your address such that you are not visible but your data remains visible. A person spying or tracing you will be able to see the data but not trace its source. An advanced connection known as VPN dedicated masking allows for covering of your data your location and your computer. Know the range of service they offer.

The kind of protocols used

Each provider has the range of protocols used with their product. This protocol determines the strength of their encryption. Strong protocols are such as SSL VPN protocols. Two protocols fall in this category, which are Open VPN and SSTP VPN. These are by far the strongest and allow for little to none penetration by a third party and offer full encryption. Other protocols include PPTP, which is weak, and L2TP. Know what you get before hand and what support devices you need to by to enable adequate installation. For those who are torrent-downloading addicts, find out if the service supports peer-to-peer networks.

The 5 top providers in USA

We created this list using the VPN website, who have a lot of different categories and reviews about VPNs.

  1. Switch VPN:- These service providers promise fast and reliable Internet access with a complete privacy assurance. With a port speed servers of 1GB you are assured of fast Internet access regardless of where you are. The monthly premium is affordable and definitely worth your money.
  2. Hide My Ass:- One of the strongest VPN connections you can get. They have servers in very many countries ensuring that you can access USA websites regardless of what country you travel to. The connection is secure and fast as well. It is perfect for those wishing to use it for personal uses.
  3. TUVPN:- Offering both dedicated and shared VPN connections, you get to enjoy private Internet connection and choose the level of encryption you choose. One advantage that many of their customers boast off is the professional support and customer service they enjoy.
  4. Pure VPN:- Having support for a great range of Internet protocols is definitely an extra advantage, and that their package comes with a 35% special offer upon purchase. With assured security and private connections, you can connect well over the Internet using any device you choose from a smart phone or laptop allowing you great flexibility.
  5. Strong VPN:- One of the long lasting VPN providers, they offer different packages allowing you to choose what Internet package connection best suits you. They also offer fast and reliable connection throughout our subscription.

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