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PC & Tech | January 14, 2014

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The Pros and Cons of Introducing eBooks Into Your Child's Life - PC & Tech

The Pros and Cons of Introducing eBooks Into Your Child’s Life
  • On November 29, 2013

Ebooks versus Printed Books: eBooks, or electronic books, are quickly gaining in popularity. Over the past few years they’ve started to really overtake the market. Now they are even starting to become the norm for many children. The books can be simply downloaded and read on a tablet screen. They are available in both multimedia rich files and PDF documents. You’ll find a huge selection of books to suit all ages and genres. Education technology related information is available. To read them you’ll need a tablet, eReader or computer. If you’re wondering whether or not to introduce EBooks to your kids, it would help if you fully understood them first.

Providing Ebooks to Young Children

The Pros: One of the main reasons why EBooks are recommended for children is because they come with interactive features. They make learning fun and easy. They often contain sounds and moving images. Some of the more advanced EBooks let your children click on links that take them to a definition of the word they have clicked on. This really helps them to learn more about the words and how they should be used. Another handy feature of EBooks for children is the fact they highlight specific words as the child goes along.

Cons: The main disadvantage of replacing printed books with EBooks is the fact that it makes storytelling a lot less fun. Bedtime stories are a long tradition between parents and their children. Technology has really helped to make the world a simpler and more convenient place, but it’s also managed to create a small divide between families. Letting them read EBooks takes away the bonding time you would otherwise get with your children.

There’s also the fact that printed books encourage the imagination. The words come to life within your child’s mind. With eBooks they don’t get that as much. Interactive books tend to be the most popular with children, but they don’t allow much imagination. They tend to spoil the reader with sounds and animated scenes. This means that it doesn’t capture the imagination and encourage creativity as much as standard books do.

Adding eBooks and Minimising the Disadvantages

It’s possible to include both printed storybook telling and EBook reading into your children’s bedtime. Why not sit with them while they read the EBook. It’s something you can do together. Or you can read them a printed story at bedtime and let them read EBooks in their spare time. It’s actually a great idea to combine both electronic reading and traditional reading. Your child will get to learn two sets of skills.  They’ll be able to follow movement and associate words with sounds and easy definitions that are presented to them. Combining both types of reading, you can really help to enhance their skills.

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