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PC & Tech | December 3, 2013

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Post Status On Facebook Via iPhone, Blackberry, Bedroom... - PC & Tech

Post On Facebook Via iPhone, Blackberry, Bedroom...

Post On Facebook Via iPhone, Blackberry, Bedroom...

You would have surely seen people’s status on Facebook posting via their trendy Gadgets like posted via Blackberry, Posted Via iPhone 4S and many more… This could have pinched you some or the other way and you could also have wanted to do. With this trick of ours you can also post via various places like the bedroom, toilet and many more. In the tricks below, I have given the example of posting via bedroom. So, here’s a way out. You can now easily enjoy doing so after reading this article. This amazing function is brought to you only due to a website name ‘Posted VIA’.

PostedVia is a simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you fake where your Facebook status was posted from. You can choose from a huge variety of these delivery methods including Carrier Pigeon, Magic, Morse Code, and Mind Control. Surprise your friends and family with these funny Facebook status updates! So, follow the given steps to make your own status:

  1. Open Posted VIA using the URL “”. You will find a screen like the one given above.

  2. Choose a delivery option by choosing the option “Click Here To Choose a Delivery Method”. You will find a list of many a options to choose from as given below. Here I have chosen “My Bedroom”.

    Some Options in Posted Via

    Some Options in Posted Via

  3. Now, click on “Update Your Status” which will open a new window. Now you can easily log in to your facebook account and post your status update. Now you will also get your own status posted as from my bedroom.

So, try yours now and flank yourself before your friends by making them amazed. So, thats for now. Come back to see a new article soon.


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